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We are now inviting applications for Doctoral Researcher (PhD Student, in Structural mass spectrometry for the analysis of complex formation and conformational changes in DNA repair proteins) in the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Training Network RepState. The position will start latest by 1 February 2024. Read more below and submit your application no later than 31 October 2023.

Title, role and salary

We are seeking for highly motivated, enthusiastic and talented Doctoral Researcher (PhD student) to join our research group in the Department of Chemistry of Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology. The position will be in the Joensuu campus, Finland. 

This position is part of the Doctoral Training Network RepState, a highly collaborative consortium consisting of 14 European participants coming from academia, industry, and the creative sector. You will be immersed in an international, multidisciplinary training environment in fundamental life sciences and obtain insight into the role of basic chemical and physical principles underlying molecular steps in complex yet integrated molecular processes. As the research relies on cutting-edge technologies, development of new approaches will be an integral part of your project. Training includes one or more rotations within European partner laboratories. Through collaboration with industry, you will learn how technology development drives innovation in research. In addition, you will learn how to disseminate and communicate your project in close collaboration with the creative sector.

DNA mismatch repair is important for maintaining genome stability through repair of DNA replication errors. Non-functional mismatch repair results in a mutator phenotype and in humans increases the risk to develop cancer. In this research project, structure and composition of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) and transcription-coupled nucleotide-excision repair (TC-NER) protein components using state-of-the-art high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) techniques (i.e., native FT-ICR and time-of-flight MS, ion mobility MS, and structure-sensitive native top-down fragmentation). We aim at determining complex stoichiometries, interaction strength and interfaces of these complexes, as well as their conformational changes, ligand interactions and how these affect different nucleotide-bound states.

The University of Eastern Finland is the most multidisciplinary university in Finland, comprising four faculties in two campuses located in Joensuu and Kuopio. UEF Department of Chemistry is a highly research chemist education-oriented chemistry department in Finland. The Bioorganic Chemistry research group (led by profs. Janne Jänis and Juha Rouvinen) at UEF Chemistry has over 30 years of experience in developing mass spectrometry for structural biology research. The department is well equipped with three state-of-the-art HRMS instruments, including Finland’s only FT-ICR system. The lab is also a technology platform of Biocenter Finland and provides services in Europe via Instruct-ERIC as part of the national FINStruct network.

The Doctoral Researcher position will be filled by person to be selected for the LUMETO Doctoral Programme. The main duty of the Doctoral Researcher is to complete their doctoral dissertation in accordance with their research proposal written in the beginning of the employment period.

The position will be filled for a fixed term of three years, starting latest on 1 February 2024 (or as agreed) due to it pertaining specific project and own doctoral degree. A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.

The salary of the position is based on the salary system of MSCA. The salary consists of a living allowance and a mobility allowance. Mobility allowance covers additional, private mobility-related costs (e.g. travel and accommodation costs), not professional costs under the action, which are covered by the research, training and networking contribution. If the recruited doctoral candidate has or acquires family obligations during the action duration, i.e., persons linked to him/her by (i) marriage, or (ii) a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country or region where this relationship was formalised; or (iii) dependent children who are actually being maintained by the researcher, the family allowance will be paid as well. The gross salary in this position will be about €3500 per month for the whole duration of the project, including the mobility allowance (or about €4100 if eligible for the family allowance).

Our requirements and expectations


  • A person to be appointed as a Doctoral Researcher shall be qualified to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • MSc degree in chemistry, biochemistry or other closely related field.
  • Good command of English language (IELTS grade min. 6.5, or equivalent).
  • Should not hold a doctoral degree.
  • Applicants for the PhD position should be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research career. This 4-year period is measured from the date of obtaining your MSc degree (or equivalent).

Mobility requirement:

Applicants should not have resided or performed their main activity (work, studies, etc) in Finland for more than 12 months in the 3-year period immediately prior to the start date of this position. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.


  • Being able to present a certificate of good conduct is a condition for the appointment.
  • Prior experience in mass spectrometry (structural biology, proteomics, metabolomics) is an advantage. The applicant is expected to present some documentation of this (e.g., master’s thesis, peer-reviewed publication, etc).

For all recruitments and expectations, the eligibility of the researcher will be determined at the date of their first recruitment in the action. This status will not evolve over the lifetime of the action, even if they are re-recruited at another beneficiary.

Your benefits

You will have access to the university’s staff benefits, including  
•    opportunity for flexible multi-location work
•    extensive occupational health care  
•    broad selection of staff training
•    staff discount on lunch in our campus restaurants, as well as on a range of other services  
•    affordable sports services and tax-free bike benefit 

Please read more in the Work at UEF section on our website.  

You will have an opportunity to work in an interesting/meaningful/diverse role as part of our international, creative, participatory and inclusive academic community.    

Enjoy your life in Finland! Known for its cleanliness, welfare know-how, modern technology and superb education system, Finland is an exotic and safe country to work in. Please visit the Life in Finland section on our website to learn more.    

How to apply?

Submit your application by using our electronic application form no later than 31 October 2023 by 24:00 (midnight) Finnish time (UTC+3).

Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application:

  • CV (
  • Copies of your academic degree certificates / diplomas, and copies of certificates / diplomas relating to your language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates/diplomas
  • A transcript of records.
  • Motivation letter (max. 1 page).
  • Other documents to demonstrate the applicant’s merits for the position.


For further information on the RepState training network, please see

For further information on the position, please contact Prof. Janne Jänis by email,

For further information on the application procedure, please contact HR-Coordinator Noora Hämäläinen, e-mail, tel. +358 29 4458 302.

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment 1.2.2024 at the latest
Salary the salary system of MSCA
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100
City Joensuu
County Pohjois-Karjala
Country Finland
Reference number 3797/01.01.03/2023
Published 04.Oct.2023
Last application date 31.Oct.2023

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