UEF Trainee 2024 Programme

The aim of UEF Trainee -programme is to enhance employment possibilities of international degree students. In the programme, international degree students have a chance to work at UEF research groups or services, or at placements provided by collaborators for two months. During this period, international degree students will gain work experience in expert tasks and become familiar with Finnish working life and culture.

Students will be selected by the provider of the training placement (employer). The selection is based on application documents and a possible interview. The job application is done in UEF electronic application system, Varbi, where you can apply simultaneously, in the order of your preference, up to three different placements. To be eligible you need to be registered to one of UEF degree programs as an active student during the application period. You are still eligible if you graduate before or during your training period.

Prior experience, previous and current study merits, and communication skills are prioritized. Trainees are expected to possess a positive service attitude, hands-on working manner, good teamwork and organizing skills, readiness to use IT tools and software, and accuracy in given tasks.

You can find the list of positions from here. Please read the UEF Trainee offers carefully as there can be something for you that you might consider unlikely at first glance. When writing the cover letter (motivation letter), please consider what you have to offer for the employer and what motivates you to apply for this particular position.  It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the organization and their business by thorough investigation of their web pages.


Training positions in UEF

In UEF the positions will be filled for two full time or four part time (50%) months in 2024 (funding available until the end of 2024). The salary of the position is the minimum salary of Kela's annual employment condition of €1,331/month (in 2023). Trainees have a chance to work in the UEF University services, independent institutes, faculties, or departments in various administrational, supportive or research positions. Each trainee will have a supervisor for the training period and will learn the tasks at hand along with practical issues of Finnish working life.

Training positions outside UEF

The UEF Trainee programme has gathered a list of selected collaborators who are offering training placements as a part of the programme. UEF will support 2 months or 4 months part time (50%) training positions outside the university in companies and other organizations by providing training vouchers. The prerequisites for the voucher are the minimum salary of Kela's annual employment condition of €1,331/month (in 2023), and a signed work contract between the employer and trainee stating a commitment to a fixed-term employment relationship for the duration of the internship. The employer can invoice university at the end of the internship by presenting copies of the pay slips and a signed work contract. Note, that these are the minimum requirements for the voucher -- the employer may pay more or may offer a longer employment contract than 2 months.

There is quite a balanced distribution of offers both in Joensuu and Kuopio. However, these days many of the expert jobs are done mainly online, and thus, you should not limit your choices to your hometown. Note also, that some of the employers may agree that the training is done during your summer break. These, and other matters related to the working time, place, and other working conditions, are something that you need to agree with the employer before signing the work contract.

How to apply

The application needs to be submitted no later than Fri 12 January 2024 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time) by using the electronic application form.

Please note that the application is required to include the following appendices:
- CV (Job application and CV, InfoFinland.fi)
- a copy of your transcript of records from UEF (Student and study register PEPPI)
- Cover Letter (recommendation is to write a separate cover letter for each applied position) (Writing a successful application letter, Tips for finding job, Job Market Finland)

UEF Trainee -programme is only for international degree students, and thus, students with Finnish citizenship are excluded. Neither can you apply to the programme if you have already been accepted on the programme as a UEF Trainee during previous years. As the programme is only for UEF international degree students, international doctoral researchers are not eligible.


For further information please contact: Coordinator Marko Pietilä, tel. +358 40 3553039, email: marko.pietila@uef.fi.


Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full-time/Part-time
Number of positions 28
Full-time equivalent 50%
City Joensuu / Kuopio
Country Finland
Reference number 4708/01.01.04/2023
  • Marko Pietilä, +358403553039
Published 15.Dec.2023
Last application date 12.Jan.2024

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