The Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology, Department of Technical Physics

The University of Eastern Finland is inviting applications for a Senior Researcher/Postdoctoral Researcher position (biomedical engineering and data security in sleep medicine) at the Department of Technical Physics, Kuopio Campus. The position will be filled for a fixed term starting from September 1, 2024, or as agreed, until 31 January 2027. Please find more information below and submit your application no later than 31 May 2024.

Role and salary

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Researcher/Postdoctoral Researcher to join the Sleep Technology and Analytics Research group in the Department of Technical Physics at the Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology.

You will be working in the Sleep Technology and Analytics Research (STAR) group ( which carries out globally recognized research in the field of biomedical engineering, health informatics, sleep medicine, and respiratory medicine mostly focusing on the development of diagnostics of sleep disorders. The group provides an inspiring, active, and youthful research environment. The research projects involve national and international collaboration with recognized research groups. 

As our new Senior Researcher/Postdoctoral Researcher your main responsibilities include: 

  • Development and validation of deep learning tools for diagnosis of sleep disorders
  • Signal analysis and data preparation
  • Supervising Ph.D. researchers and undergraduate students, as well as teaching in suitable areas
  • Applying for further funding
  • Participating in the development of a trusted execution environment
  • Participating in the project management
  • Reporting and disseminating the research results

The open position is part of a multidisciplinary project titled TITAN ( funded by the European Commission. The project aims to develop a software platform solution for confidential data collaboration and secure and privacy-preserving data processing. The solution will be practically validated in the healthcare sector, focusing on sleep medicine. During the project, there is a possibility for research exchange periods with our international collaborating institutions. We support and motivate researchers to become independent scientists capable of tackling future challenges. 

The position can be filled by using the title of Senior Researcher or Postdoctoral Researcher. 

The position will be filled from 1 September 2024 (or as agreed) to 31 January 2027. The position will be filled for a fixed term due to it pertaining to a specific project. A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.  

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities. The salary comprises two elements: a job requirement element and a personal performance element. In this position, the job requirement element is EUR 3,215–4,320/month, based on levels 5-7 of the job requirement chart for teaching and research staff. The personal performance element can be maximum of 50 % of the above-mentioned sum. The salary of a Postdoctoral Researcher will be approximately EUR 3,730–3,920 /month and the salary of a Senior Researcher approximately EUR 4,350-5,015 /month at the beginning of the employment.

Our requirements and expectations


  • The person to be appointed to the position is expected to hold a doctoral degree in a relevant field (The person to be appointed as Postdoctoral Researcher, the doctoral degree may not have been completed more than five years ago at the time of starting of the position (a net period of time, which does not include parental leaves, military service etc.))
  • The person appointed as a Senior Researcher must also have demonstrated skills in sleep medicine-related research, good teaching skills, and a proven track record in funding acquisition. Teaching merits of the candidate are provided by the teaching portfolio.
  • Good skills in oral and written English. English will be the language of instruction and supervision in this position.
  • Knowledge related to medical physics, biomedical engineering, computer science, or machine learning.

The title will be specified according to the qualifications and merits of the selected person.

The following will be considered an advantage:

  • Good skills in data analysis, biosignal analysis, and programming, specifically experience with MATLAB and/or Python is highly desired
  • Knowledge and skills related to biosignal analysis in sleep medicine
  • Knowledge related to data security and cloud-based computing
  • Knowledge of computing power optimization

Your benefits

You will have access to the university’s staff benefits, including

  • extensive occupational health care
  • a broad selection of staff training
  • staff discount on lunch in our campus restaurants, as well as on a range of other services
  • affordable sports services and a tax-free bike benefit

Please read more in the Work at UEF section on our website. 

You will have an opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary research environment with experts in sleep medicine, biosignal analyses, machine learning analyses, wearable-based monitoring, and data security. You will have a unique possibility to work as part of our international, creative, participatory, and inclusive academic community.

Enjoy your life in Finland! Known for its cleanliness, welfare know-how, modern technology and superb education system, Finland is an exotic and safe country to work in. Please visit the Life in Finland section on our website to learn more.

How to apply?

Submit your application by using our electronic application form no later than 31 May 2024 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time).

Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application:

  • a CV (www-page),
  • a list of publications (www-page),
  • a portfolio of teaching merits ( -> the Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology -> Instructions for preparing a portfolio of teaching merits),
  • copies of your academic degree certificates / diplomas, and copies of certificates / diplomas relating to your language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates/diplomas,
  • a motivation letter (maximum of one page) in which the applicant describes their motivation to the position.

If your diploma is not in English, Finnish or Swedish, an official English translation must be provided. All translations must be issued either by the awarding educational institution or an authorised translator. Each page of the official translation must bear the translator’s stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be accurate translations of the original documents. Translations made by the applicants themselves are not accepted.


For further information on the position, please contact Associate Professor Timo Leppänen, Ph.D., tel. +358 50 3101 828,

For further information on the application procedure, please contact HR Specialist Noora Hämäläinen, email:, tel: +358 29 445 8302 or Iiris Korhonen, email: tel: +358 50 3259472.


Haemme yliopistotutkijaa/tutkijatohtoria Itä-Suomen yliopiston luonnontieteiden, metsätieteiden ja tekniikan tiedekuntaan teknillisen fysiikan laitokselle, Kuopion kampukselle. Tehtävä alkaa 1.9.2024 ja se täytetään määräajaksi 31.1.2027 saakka. Tässä tehtävässä tehtäväkohtainen palkanosa on vaativuustasoluokittelussa tasoilla 5-7. Lisäksi maksetaan henkilökohtaiseen suoriutumiseen perustuvaa palkanosaa, joka on 6-50 % tehtäväkohtaisesta palkanosasta. Tehtävässä edellytetään hyvää englannin kielen taitoa.​

Lue tarkemmat tiedot tehtävästä ja hakuohjeet yllä olevasta englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta. Jätäthän hakemuksesi englanniksi. Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 31.5.2024.

Type of employment Temporary position (shorter than 10 days)
Employment expires 2027-01-31
Contract type Full time
First day of employment 1.9.2024
Salary General collective agreement for universities
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100 %
City Kuopio
County Pohjois-Savo
Country Finland
Reference number 2565/01.01.03/2024
  • Timo Leppänen, +358503101828
Published 13.May.2024
Last application date 31.May.2024

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