The Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Business School

The University of Eastern Finland is inviting applications for an Associate / an Assistant Professor in Finance position in  Kuopio. The position is a Tenure Track position to be filled for a four-year term from September 1, 2024 (or as agreed). Please find more information below and submit your application no later than 25 April 2024. 

Role and salary 

As our new Associate/Assistant Professor in Finance, you will be working in the Business School of UEF at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. The position is located in Kuopio, Finland. 

As our new Associate/Assistant Professor in Finance, your main responsibilities will include : 
•    conducting and promoting research in the field of finance,
•    delivering teaching in finance and
•    taking part in the department’s/subject’s research projects and administrative tasks.

The position will be filled for a four-year term starting from September 1, 2024 (or as agreed). The position is filled for a fixed term due to it being a fixed-term research and teaching position (Tenure Track).  A probationary period is applied to all new members of the UEF staff.

External expert review will be used in the filling of the position. After the experts have submitted their statements, the Appointments Committee preparing the recruitment will interview the applicant.

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of the Finnish universities. The salary comprises two components: a job requirement component and a personal performance component.  The Associate Professor position is based on level 7 of the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff (4,320.23 euros/month). The Assistant Professor position is based on level 6 of the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff (3,747.44 euros/month). The personal performance component can be a minimum of 6 % and a maximum of 50 % of the job requirement component.  

The Associate/Assistant Professor in Finance is a Tenure Track position. This means that at the end of your term, your merits and achievements will be evaluated to determine whether you can be promoted to the next level of the Tenure Track without public notice of vacancy. The criteria, objectives and results to be achieved during the term will be agreed with you in detail when signing the contract of employment.  The university can promote an associate professor to a professorship on the basis of expert review.

Our requirements and expectations 

•    a suitable doctoral degree and good teaching skills (assistant professor),
•    a suitable doctoral degree, good teaching skills and the prerequisites for fulfilling the qualification requirements of a Professor by the end of the Tenure Track term (associate professor), 
•    research expertise in finance. We value especially research outputs in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or sustainability related topics,
•    a scientific publication record, 
•    excellent skills in the English language and to be able to supervise students and give teaching in English,
•    experience in applying for research funding and in leading research and development projects.


•    networks of collaboration and achievements in successful collaboration,
•    management and interaction skills for leading teams, interdisciplinary research groups and networks.

The evaluation of teaching skills follows the instructions of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, according to which the good teaching skills required for the post are primarily verified based on merits specified in the teaching portfolio. In addition to other application documents, the person invited to the post must submit a teaching portfolio compiled in accordance with the instructions. If the good teaching skills required for the post cannot be verified based on the teaching portfolio, the person proposed to the position may be invited to give a trial lecture. In connection to the evaluation of teaching skills and if otherwise considered necessary, the Appointments Committee may interview the applicant.

Your benefits 

You will have access to the university’s staff benefits, including  
•    opportunity for flexible multi-location work,
•    extensive occupational health care,  
•    broad selection of staff training,
•    staff discount on lunch in our campus restaurants, as well as on a range of other services,  
•    affordable sports services and tax-free bike benefit. 

Please read more in the Work at UEF section on our website. 

You will have an opportunity to work in an interesting/meaningful/diverse role as part of our international, creative, participatory and inclusive academic community. 

Enjoy your life in Finland! Known for its cleanliness, welfare know-how, modern technology and superb education system, Finland is an exotic and safe country to work in. Please visit the  Life in Finland section on our website to learn more.

How to apply? 

Submit your application by using our electronic application form no later than 25 April 2024 by 24:00 (midnight) Finnish time (UTC+3). 

Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application: 

•    a resume or a curriculum vitae compiled in accordance with the template for researcher’s curriculum vitae of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity 
•    a complete list of publications compiled in accordance with the publication classification of the Ministry of Education and Culture 
•    a portfolio of teaching merits (open positions/ instructions relating to the application of vacant positions) 
•    a work plan (no more than 3 pages) in which the applicant is expected to describe the kind of research he or she will be carrying out over the next four years, if appointed to the position
•    key publications (no more than 10) with which the applicant wishes to demonstrate his or her qualification and merits for the position, 
•    a list of the selected publications
•    copies of your academic degree certificates / diplomas 
•    copies of certificates / diplomas relating to your language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates / diplomas
•    other documents you wish to include to demonstrate your merits for the position

The application with appendices (excluding publications) should be submitted in English.


For further information on the position, please contact professor Mervi Niskanen, tel. +358 40 3553958,

Queries related to the application procedure should be addressed to Executive Head of Administration Marko Junkkarinen, tel. +358 29 445 8426, or Financial and Human Resources Coordinator Tuula Ranne, tel. + 358 29 445 5245,

Apulaisprofessori/yliopistotutkija (vakinaistamispolku Tenure Track), rahoitus

Haemme apulaisprofessoria/yliopistotutkijaa (Tenure Track), rahoitus Itä-Suomen yliopiston kauppatieteiden laitokselle. Tehtävä sijoittuu yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekuntaan Kuopion kampukselle ja alkaa 1.9.2024 tai sopimuksen mukaan ja se täytetään neljän vuoden määräajaksi (1.9.2024–31.8.2028). Apulaisprofessorin tehtävässä tehtäväkohtainen palkanosa on vaativuusluokittelussa tasolla 7 (4 320,23 €/kk) ja yliopistotutkijan tehtäväkohtainen palkanosa on vaativuustasoluokittelussa tasolla 6 (3 747,44 €/kk). Lisäksi maksetaan henkilökohtaiseen suoriutumiseen perustuvaa palkanosaa, joka voi olla 6–50 % tehtäväkohtaisesta palkanosasta.  Tehtävässä edellytetään erinomaista englannin kielen taitoa.

Lue tarkemmat tiedot tehtävästä ja hakuohjeet yllä olevasta englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta. Jätäthän hakemuksesi englanniksi. Hakuaika tehtävään päättyy 25.4.2024.

Type of employment Temporary position (shorter than 10 days)
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100
City Kuopio
County Pohjois-Savo
Country Finland
Reference number 1952/01.01.02/2024
Published 28.Mar.2024
Last application date 25.Apr.2024

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